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I literally just found out that my secretary has the missing health records for my new students. She was only giving me a little info at a time and I have no idea why. School started in August. It's... Read More

  1. by   Amethya
    You want to talk about secretaries? OOOH boy, I got a good registar one who is always on my butt.

    She's friends with all the parents and the admin, so everything she says goes basically. Parent complains of me? I'm not told, instead she reports me and I get an email from admins about it, when I didn't know what was going on.

    When she doesn't like something, she's blunt to the point where she scolds me in front of co-workers or on the phone! She likes to come to my office and clean my room, and state that my room is a mess through a passive-aggressive email. When immunizations were due for 7th grade and her child was in my list, she kept blaming me for losing the records, which I didn't. They weren't in my stack nor his file, so she told me I was unorganized and refused to help until I told the principal and actually had to plead her to bring them to me. She just said it was my fault.

    All in all, she pisses me off at times, and I report her to my principal, so she has stopped some of these behaviors. I'm reporting these on a excel so if this continues I have a way to show I been keeping track of her.
  2. by   OhioBPH
    Quick update, she is not giving me stuff right away, and my pile is quickly growing! I'm glad we are on the same page now, but she was right, it can be overwhelming.
  3. by   OhioBPH
    NOW, she gives me the paperwork right away now.