Self-carrying inhalers

  1. Being a fairly new school nurse, I'd like advice regarding self-carrying inhalers or other medication. In our state, students of any age are allowed to carry inhalers or epi-pens if they have a doctor's order and the school nurse and parent are in agreement with it. Medications (not including controlled substances) are allowed to be self-carried by 7-12th graders with the same procedure followed. Not everyone is comfortable with the same things. But what has your experience been with letting students of the elementary school and middle school ages carry inhalers? How do you really tell when they are responsible enough to do it (not only to remember to bring, but also to not share with others?) I would appreciate any comments. Thanks ahead of time!
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  3. by   pvtschoolnurse
    We let middle schoolers carry their own inhalers with a physician and parent note.
  4. by   Flare
    i have rarely run into an issue with letting the kids carry their inhalers. The bigger issue is them needing it and it's in their other coat or home or other backpack...
  5. by   mustlovepoodles
    In my state children of any age are allowed to carry inhalers, no doctor order or permission form required. Of course, i strongly encourage parents to have their doctor fill out an asthma plan and have them provide an inhaler to keep in the clinic. Most of my parents know if their child is capable of using their inhaler properly. In fact, very very few of my kids with asthma carry their inhalers because their *not* proficient. i do a lot of asthma teaching.

    Now if I could just get my parents to actually send the inhalers to school. I have almost 100 identified with asthma and less than 25 have inhalers in the clinic.