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School secretaries dispensing meds?

  1. 0 Is it true that in some districts, teachers or secretaries may dispense student medications? I was reading about a rural area that allegedly could not afford to hire a nurse that instead had a secretary giving anticonvulsant meds to a student. I'm not a school nurse, but I'm appalled that the locality thinks so little of its population that it won't provide a nurse and then to overburden a teacher/secretary with duties that are beyond his/her scope of practice...
    Does the state legislature create a statute that allows this practice?
    Anyone with knowledge of these sorts of issues?
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    Scary, isn't it?
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    Yes! This is so outside the realm of my experience...I have no children and don't really deal with these sorts of issues. I thought things were bad with the eviserating of nurses from hospitals, but to find out that politicians gut them from schools because the budget can't (Won't) afford them is horrendous.
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    In our district, it is "supposed" to be a teacher or principal in the absence of the nurse. I am sure some secretaries may have to be responsible in the absence of the principal too!

    Many schools share a nurse so there are frequent times that they are out of the building. I am lucky to be full-time in one building only.

    I know of a district in Illinois that doesn't even employ nurses. I can't imagine how that is possible.
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    My kids have a school nurse one half day each week. That is all. Meds are dispensed by the designated med person--basically one of the secretaries. There is no one else to do it.
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    Has the ANA presented a position on this? If there are no nurses in the schools, there are missed opportunities for children to be evaluated for vision/hearing difficulties, situational issues, etc.
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    In Kansas, it is in the nurse practice act regarding this situation.
    The duties are delegated by a RN, who has taught a class on medication administration and is overseeing the process.
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    Even though I am full time on one campus, I have two buildings. The secretaries will allow students to use their inhalers in the office. As far as any other medications - NO. They call me on the radio and, if I couldn't make it on time (due to taking a student home or something) they are instructed to call 911. That's if it's an emergency that can't wait! If it's a bloody nose or something like that, it can wait and will usually stop before I get to the student. Our kids are older - 6 -8th grade and most of them use their inhalers freely with minor supervision.