Scents in the Classroom and Respiratory Issues? - page 2

There is a teacher at my school who has approached me with a concern regarding a scented plug-in that another teacher (with whom she shares a room) has put in their classroom and refuses to remove.... Read More

  1. by   Spidey's mom
    I talked with my administrator and he thought initially it would be up to the individual principal to see if this could be addressed in a polite and professional manner. Like, walk over and mention that the smoke is making the kids cough and maybe wait to burn at night.

    I also put in a call to our local air resources board. They turfed me to a department where the voice mail was full. I'll try again today.

    When we had fires up here - this air resources board would declare it too smoky for outdoor activities and soccer would be canceled. But not often - I remember mentioning on here how terrible the smoke was during some of my son's soccer games and how I wondered if I was the highest medical authority there maybe I should say the games should stop?

    People get very defensive if you try to tell them what to do on their own land. But it is against regulations to burn anything wet - it makes more smoke and smolders for a long time.