Scary day with my Diabetic Kids

  1. I'm an agency nurse and went on a FT today with 2 diabetics. It felt as though I was putting out fires all day long.
    1st kid tested at 389 before am snack. I asked him what he ate and he stated " Two waffeles, to slices of bread, peanut butter and jelly"Did a correction via insulin pump and rechecked 15 min. later. Now 433. Ketones negative so I told him to give himself insulin via the pen per orders and to change pump.

    15 min. later 294. I called mom and dad and they both said I did every thing right and cont. to monitor. hour and a half later he goes down to 49. I'm nervous now that he is going to bottom out but I stay calm ofcourse and give 15 gms of carbs, he goes up to 123 Thank God !

    2nd kid- ACFS for lunch 468. I'm no where to be found at this time because I was with another non-diabetic student that said she felt dizzy and couldn't see. Thankfully the kid was able to dose himself correctly and was okay for rest of the day. I still called mom so that she would be in the loop.
    Needless to say, I had a very hectic day.
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  3. by   mc3
    Yeah, those diabetic kids can keep you hopping. I have a child that routinely goes from the '50's up to the 300's plus. Family is not good about controlling diet - basically there's no control. It's a education thing that goes far beyond what I'm allowed to do. He doesn't show any of the typical s/sx that you would see with either hyper or hypoglycemia. Makes it interesting... I watch him like a hawk. He's such a cutie!! Last year I had 4 kids - 2 with new pumps at the same time as well as lots of pre-teen drama. Ugh.....