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  1. I haven't done a procedure for a long time.
    I wonder how do you contact the hospital to observe how the procedure is done?
    Or, do you know where they can train you correctly how to do the procedure?
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    Which procedure? There are a few...
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    I'm going to give a long answer to your question. Here's one way to handle this: when I have a student (new to me) with a procedure such as ostomy care or straight cath, I will invite the parent and student to meet with me. I will ask the parent to show me how they do the procedure at home. I will assess their technique for appropriateness (like clean technique) and pick up on any tricks that will help us at school. Then I can tell the parent that we might be doing things a little differently and why (like using gloves). This accomplishes a bunch of things: the parent gets to meet the person who will be doing the procedure (or teaching it to support staff) the parent's value as a member of the team is validated, the student makes a connection with the nurse, we can plan for supply needs and determine with the parent who will provide what supplies, and the student won't go home and tell the parent "they do my procedure wrong ( ie, differently) at school.". So that's my long answer to your short question!
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    Thanks so much for your reply.