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  1. 0 Ugh... Just what we need at the end of the year... I have researched everything I know to research in but can't find an answer to this: How long after taking the mebendazole does it take for the pinworms to die? I have a student who was treated on Monday afternoon but is still seeing live worms. I'm thinking it will probably take a few days for them to start dying off but want to be sure. Any advice??
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    From what I know, it is usually a three day treatment and they should be gone. Sometimes a follow up treatment is needed and that is done 2 weeks after the initial treatment.
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    The student received the one time dosage and repeats it in 2 weeks. Do you think it takes baout 3 days for them to start dying off?
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    It is a one time dose for pinworms but it doesn't always kill the eggs, that is why they may need a second dose in 2 weeks. I asked a co-worker and she said they are usually gone 24-48 hrs after the initial does.
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    Thank you! It has been so frustrating trying to find an answer! I appreciate your help!