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  1. 1 Hello! I have graduated for almost a year already, and have had my license for about 7 months. I am currently working as a school nurse. Our clinic is fairly empty, except for the basic first aid kit and a bed and tables and chairs. I also made a list of medications that I think we need.

    I was also assigned to make my room more kid-friendly, as we cater to kids ages 3 to 12 years of age, and they are of different nationalities (We are an international school). I was wondering what kind of decors/displays should I put to the clinic.

    Any suggestions?
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    A rocking chair can be very soothing to a kid who is agitated, warm soft colors, kid friendly informational posters, books, tension balls. Good Luck!
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    I bought some canvases and had my sons and nephews paint them anyway they wanted so I have kid friendly art up on my walls. Everyone loves them and it really warmed up the walls instead of them looking so institutional
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    I put up posters about different health topics such as hand washing. You can purchase them in different school nursing supply catalogs. I also put up a health info board for the teachers/staff with brief bits of information on multiple topics such as diabetes, asthma, head lice, etc- this way if I'm not there they have something to reference easily. The principal uses the board all the time apparently.
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    I would also double check the state laws regarding medications- the only thing I'm allowed to give children is vasaline, saline solution and lotion.
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    Hello everyone! Thanks for the reply. I've got someone who'll decorate my room. We thought of a garden theme (bugs and flowers, sunshine and clouds) so it's friendly for all ages. Now I've gotta work for the poster. Of course, I already have the one for handwashing, proper disposal and proper brushing of teeth. I'm having doubts about diseases tho. Should I?
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    Thanks! I'll let my administrator know about the rocking chair. The kids are always after the bed though. Haha.
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    Don't make them too comfortable! They will never leave
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    Oh, I know! I had a student go up here thrice one day complaining of all possible pains. HAHAHAHAHA I always send them back to class. :/ Ah, kids. They're all lovely though!