need help with a philosophy

  1. Hi all,
    Need to write a school nurse philosophy...(really want to send it out the ballpark), aside from the obvious...teaching wellness, mind body and soul, offering the baility to teach while treating etc,....any ideas???? Not looking for someone to write the paper just extra ideas....Thank you!!!!!
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  3. by   Purple_Scrubs
    I wrote a personal nursing philosophy for myself at one time...not sure what I did with it, lol. It said a lot about supporting the mission of education our youth by insuring that students are in school as long as it is safe for them to be there, and it also mentioned about removing health-related barriers to education. The NASN website may have some good ideas and catch phrases too.
  4. by   mycsm
    Thanks PURP!!!!
  5. by   Flare
    Seems like my new buzzword phrase for this year is teaching students how to advocate for their own health. To me this means setting realistic goals that are age and developmentally appropriate for students, encouraging students to stop by my office and ask questions, teaching those that have chronic health issues about those issues (i am always astounded when a child that's been asthmatic all their life is still not correctly using an inhaler as a 6th grader). This also means teaching a child how to relay their needs to their peers and teachers. I still back up their needs with the proper documantation, but i like to make them feel like they have teh power to control their health issues. I guess it largely comes from Orem's self care.
  6. by   mycsm
    Thank you Flare!!!!