Miscalculated salary?

  1. Hey school nurses- yesterday I received an email from the HR department of my school district (my employer) saying they regret to inform me that they miscalculated my salary when I started the job two months ago. They said they gave me too much credit for per diem work when they only count full time work. I worked per diem for years as a way to stay flexible for my family. I was certainly still gaining experience

    So, now my salary will decrease by $12,000 a year !!!!! and I have to pay back $1500 of pay I already received.

    Have you ever heard of this??? Why wasn't my "correct" salary presented to me at the time I signed my contract?

    I have contacted my union reps but haven't heard back yet.

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  3. by   Inori
    eh it sounds like you're screwed and they're breaking contract your offer letter IS your agreement to work for X dollars and if they're changing that perhaps you need to reconsider do you want to work fora company who will do this. cost for a lawyer is probably more than the amount in question so either you stand your ground insist they honor the contract or talk to your lawyer, quit or accept the $12k loss.
  4. by   Tina, RN
    I would be in close contact with your union, regarding this. How unfair!!!! Per diem experience is still experience... They should have figured all of that out before you started working. Sheesh.

    Good luck! I'm interested in seeing what happens.
  5. by   NutmeggeRN
    A contract is a contract.....they should not be able to break it. That said, if they cannot change it this year, watch out for next year, they my make the adjustment then......it may be worth your while to do it their way and not get a very reduced contract next year...ugh!
  6. by   intheweeds
    How deeply unfair. I certainly would not pay a dime back at this time. Hopefully you will hear from your union soon. I would consider quitting if I were you as well.

    On a side note, I get annoyed when per diem/part-time work is not "counted" toward various things, like experience to recieve a pension, pay incrase, promotion, etc. It really hurts working mothers.