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Kindergarten Screenings

  1. 0 Hi Everyone, I am new to this site and this is my first year as a school nurse! I currently oversee 6 parochial schools in Southwest Ohio, and so far really enjoy the job. Since this is my first year as a school nurse I have some questions about Kindergarten screenings. One of my schools has them coming up and the RN last year did not leave me any of the forms previously used. I am trying to put something together but I'm not exactly sure what all I am screening for. I know vision and hearing are both tested but other than that is there anything I should be looking for? I would really appreciate the help! Thanks!
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    When we did Health Screenings we did:

    Blood Pressure
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    Your state department of health or board of nursing should have someone who serves as a liason to school nurses. This would be a good place to start to learn of your state's requirements for school screenings. In many states, this information is written into law, so it's not simply a matter of what the previous nurse did, or what you think should be done. It may be a matter of legal requirements.

    Good luck to you!
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    I'm am up to date on the State Law requirements for screenings, but since I work for a private school they pre-screen children who are applying for admissions to their school. This is not a state mandatory screening, they are also screened for emotional developement, cognitive abilities and fine/gross motor skills, etc by a psychologist, and the Kindergarten teachers.
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    Teeth. Definitely look in their mouths. Shocking sometimes what you will see or not see. You can also check if they are tongue tied.
    Take a listen to their heart. Listen for murmurs that the parents may or may not be aware of. Of course, over all appearance. Are the clean, dressed in clean intact clothes. I work in a rural poor area so this may not be an issue with your schools but here it certainly is. And listen to their speech. Does a referral need to be made?