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I am updating my medication cabinet and the admin has asked about a key less cabinet, it allows for 2 passwords to be used for it. Have any of you used one? Pros? Cons?... Read More

  1. by   ohiobobcat
    Not narcs, but almost every ADHD med is a controlled substance. And we administer a LOT of ADHD meds at school, usually a second dose mid morning after the initial dose has been given at home.

    Edited to add: All of my daily scheduled meds at my school are ADHD meds. I have a couple of PRN anxiety meds (hydroxyzine) and a PRN migraine med (rizitriptan), along with epi-pens, inhalers, and insulin/glucagon.
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  2. by   kidzcare
    Quote from LRK1983
    I'd just put the narcs in another locked safe so you can get in/out for other meds without having to count the narcs every time. How often do you actually administer narcs at school?
    Not narcotics but controlled stimulants and benzos. Although I have had Norco brought in a few times for students that are a few days post op. Parents have brought in a few to keep there just in case.