Just wanted to share a smile

  1. Happened today:
    Me: what brings you to see me today?
    2nd grader: I can't play in PE because I broke my arm.
    Me: You broke your arm? When? Let me see...
    Hmmmmmm. No cast, no bruise, perfect looking arm.....
    2nd grader: I broke it over the weekend and my Mom took me to the doctor and he told me it's was broken but he ran out of casts so he couldn't give me one. But I can't play in PE.
    Me: "ring ring - Hello, is this Mom?
    Mom: yes
    Me: Did you know that 2nd grader broke his arm, went to the doctor but they were out of casts?

    Mom had a good chuckle, but 2nd grader got in trouble for fibbing!

    Happened last Friday:

    Principal scolding Kg student. She has a special "naughty chair" in her office for offenders.
    Principal: (pointing to chair) Now I want you to turn right around and sit down
    Student: does an immediate 360 turn and sits down (on the floor)
    He did what she said, right?
    (All involved believed he was not being fresh!)

    Of course, I would never laugh about it in front of the kids, but honestly, they crack me up every day!

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  3. by   Purple_Scrubs
    Yep, it never fails. Just when I am having a rotten day and dreaming of winning the lottery and retiring to a beach somewhere, one of my little Darlings will pop off with something so hysterical that I just cannot help but smile. Love love love this job!