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I can't believe how rude teachers / staff are. I had 13 kids in my clinic. An asthma attack, 2 head injuries, a fever, 2 peepee pants etc, etc. STANDING ROOM ONLY!! One staff member comes in wanting... Read More

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    You would not even believe the names that came to my mind today (when I was desperately looking for a girl who has seizures that may be triggered by strobe lights ), when we had a fire drill today...why could I not find her you ask? oh...she is now HOME SCHOOLED and NO ONE told me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was on the radio trying to locate her, trying to speak in code so as not to be discussing a kiddo on a public airwave, disagreeing with someone when they said she was home schooled .....YA! I looked like a moron!!!!!!!! The "name" for the person in guidance who should have told me does not bear repeating.......