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jobs while in nursing school

  1. 0 I am very interested in finding out what type of
    employment, I a nursing student can get in hospitals, doctors office, clinics,..etc...
    I am very tired of what I have been doing for the last 9 years and want to become employed in the nursing field a.s.a.p.. Could any body tell me what I might look forward too?
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    Some hospitals have a nurse extern program after you take a med/surg class. I worked the full summer as an extern and loved the experience. I still work prn as an extern. Most hospitals start their extern programs in the summer. You have more responsibility than a tech would. I was able to do sterile dressings, catheters, central line changes, I waslucky enough to do IV's and assessments also. Good luck. If all else fails after med/surg you can become a tech(PCT). the pay is usually low I would say about half of RN pay but the learning experience is great. Externs make more than techs.
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    I'm a nursing student also. I do work at a hospital and there are several positions that you could make yourself available for. If you aren't very far in the nursing program, the hosptial usually has a couple of clerical positions available. I call myself PRN everywhere. I am PRN ward clerk for acute care, PRN ER admitting clerk, PRN switchboard operator, and PRN Walk-in Clinic Admitting clerk. Believe it or not doing many of these clerical jobs, I do get to help the nurses out a good deal especialy during the busy season. I work at a small rural hospital and have clearance to observe in the Emergency Room and with the inpatients. I beleive I've learned a good bit that will help when I get further along in nursing school.

    If you are pretty far in nursing school, drop by a local hospital and speak with the director of nursing. They may be able to find something you can do.

    GOOD LUCK!!!
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    My son took a CNA course and got a job as a tech/aide at a hospital and loves it.

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    Are you aware that this is the board for school nursing, nursing of early childhood preschool, k - 12 populations, health care of school aged populations, not student nursing?