1. I recently posted that I had just interviewed with my local district. They called yesterday and offered me a 2nd interview (woohoo!) for an interim position. I figured the HR lady would have specified if it was a sub position, but not sure if they use interim and sub interchangeably. So, normally, is an interim position one that is a long-term temp sub, like covering a maternity or medical leave? Or in your district is it a day-to-day position?
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  3. by   NurseBeans
    My job was posted as a temporary fill only because it was mid-year (a retirement). The way the contracts are written they couldn't hire a person mid-year for a permanent position. Same with teachers. At the end of the school year I had to re-apply for my own job as a permanent position. They said it was a union thing, as nurses here are on a teaching contract and we are part of the teacher's union. I imagine it is that or something similar in your case.
  4. by   OldDude
    An interim position for us would be a long term sub like for someone on FMLA. Many times it becomes a permanent position because the person never returns to work. Good Luck
  5. by   awilliamsesu
    Thanks for the info! Now that I think about it, the nurse who interviewed me did mention they had several nurses retiring soon.
  6. by   awilliamsesu
    Just wanted to give an update. So I did end up getting offered the job (it was permanent position, floating from school to school as needed, but home base would have been a high school), but unfortunately I had to turn it down. I have an afternoon job that starts at 3:30pm that I've had for many years and the timing wouldn't have worked if I were to be floated to an elementary school (which the current float told me happens quite often), since staff is scheduled until 3:35pm.