Few questions from a newbie

  1. I am a new school nurse in an elementary school. I get lots of sore throats, banged fingers, bandaids, etc. The hardest thing for me so far is deciding when to contact parents when there's no obvious emergency, no fever and no throwing up. Had a 4th grader today complaining her ear hurts, no problems seen on examination, seems to be floating (1st it hurts inside the ear, then outside the ear, then only when she chews on something, then doesn't hurt, then constant), no discomfort when moving earlobe, talking in nurses office with another student, very lively. Let her rest and drink a glass of water and sent her back to class (no arguement from her). To me she seems fine, if it really hurts she'll come back and then I would contact mom. Does that seem right?

    Head bumps-do we call mom no matter what because it's a head injury? She bumped her head, came in to the office because gym teacher sent her, laughing, joking, little bump on head, no bleeding, not really in pain, alert and oriented x3, no dizziness, blurry vision, etc, gave her ice let her rest and sent her back to class. Do I need to call mom because it's a head injury? The mom in me says I wouldn't expect to hear from the nurse in either of these 2 cases but the new school nurse in me questions everything I'm thinking.

    I'm the only nurse in the district so there's no one else to ask.

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  3. by   bsyrn
    I agree , if the ear pain returned, call Mom. I always call if there is any head injury. It takes 2 seconds and is the right thing to do. You will get your groove , my philosophy is if I have any little doubt, I call. I have never ever had a parent say, why did you call me for this....
  4. by   mmmiller
    I also call home for every head bump. For the most part, the parents are appreciative for the call, although I have head a few who have told me not to call about future head bumps (I will anyways).
  5. by   100kids
    thanks for the quick responses. I did call mom and left a message. You're right better to call on the head injury. thanks again!