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Experience needed to be a school nurse?

  1. 0 Hey everyone, I am a fairly new RN (3 months step down experience) about to move out of state and start a new job. I want to eventually be a school nurse, and am currently looking at a job on an adult cardiology floor. Would a couple years here allow me to be a school nurse, or are pediatrics necessary? Thanks!
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    I had emergency and peds experience...I would think peds would be a better fit if you want to become a school nurse.
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    Peds would be ideal, and ER is also good... potential employers look for this. Having said that, I am a school nurse after working on cardiac step-down and it's fine. I work with older children, so maybe that helps.
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    I never worked peds or any kind of critical care. My background was in home care and public health. These are the important skills: problem solving, assessment skills, independent thinking, working with a wide range of personalities, cool head in any situation, the ability to admit "I don't know but I will find out" and on and on. You can get those skills in a variety of previous settings.