Dealing with those teachers that just rub you the wrong way - page 2

I will start by saying that almost every teacher at my very small school is amazingly dedicated, puts her students first always, 100% values and respects my opinion regarding the kids...except this... Read More

  1. by   NutmeggeRN
    I have a meeting today that a teacher will miss, was specifically asked to provide detailed information on this students needs and where they are at, can they succeed, what and how much tutoring do they need?....nada, zip, zero, nada!!!!!

    I have forwarded the emails to the principal. No doubt the cellphone is not on today as it is a personal day. but she was here yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

  2. by   NanaPoo
    Urgh. I have a teacher with about 5 years of experience. She treats me like a new nurse since I've been here 3 years...nevermind that I was a nurse 15 years prior to showing up here.

    She questions EVERYTHING I do and takes it all to the principal. I love every second of it since I immediately back up everything I do with evidence based practice and basically just SCIENCE.

    This morning she forwarded me an email from a mom that says, "I just found lice in Jr's hair. You need to send a parent letter to prevent reinfection." After I finished laughing I read the teacher's note that asked, "do you want to send the parent letter or should I? Also, when do you want to check all the heads in my class?"

    When I finished laughing the second time, I replied that there would be no head checks and no parent letter and dispelled all the appropriate myths. She had to admit 2 hours later that the mom took Jr to have an actual lice check and there were no lice present at all.