computer program?

  1. i know this has been posted before but i dont have time to look thru all the threads......... if u use a computer system at your school, could u pls tell me which one and if you like it? pros and cons? thank you
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  3. by   Flare
    I have healthmaster, which is really great. It has a lot of great features like templates, to do lists, alarms and extensive reports.
    We are transitioning to realtime, which i am not a huge fan of, but i think that's because it came to us as a blank program and we've had to slowly add our own problems/ solutions. Also - it only lets you choose one problem per office visit, so a student with multiple ailements has to get an extensive write up in the notes section.
  4. by   Jolie
    We have Powerschool, which works well for e-mail. grade posting, administrative functions, but is terrible for health.

    Apparently it is sold to districts by touting its "extra" health functions, which are almost unusable. The only way it has been useful at all for us is that we have an IT person who has spent lliterally thousands of hours over several years re-working it for us.

    I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
  5. by   rdsxfnrn
    ty......... my school is looking at powerschool, so i will have to ixnay that idea.