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Best place to purchase stock epi pens

  1. 1 I am working on getting standing orders for non patient specific epi pen for my elementary school. Once I get it what is the most effective way to purchase the epi pens?
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    central office orders ours from moore medical, but that's for 7 schools. If you only need a pen and a jr pen for office stock, it may make more sense for you to get it from a local pharmacy or walmart pharmacy. They're expensive and expire quickly.
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    We have a local pharmacy that provides them to us for cost. We stock 1 Epi pen and 1 Jr. per school (12 buildings) and are able to get same-day replacement when needed. They make sure to provide pens with an expiration date of 1 year or more.
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    thanks both of you! We are a small district (1 small school in fact) so I am hoping to find a source where I can get them at or close to cost.