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I'm sorry if I'm coming off that I hate School Nursing, when that's the opposite. I'm only a CMA, not an nurse and I'm honestly trying my best with these children and parents. I'm doing well lately,... Read More

  1. by   momto5RN
    Quote from tamarae1
    I'm right here learning beside you, even if I have RN behind my name instead of CMA. It makes no difference - we learn by doing, asking, educating ourselves all of the time. None of us were born into this with 40 years experience - I wish I was, trust me! It would make every day much easier. Keep advocating for the children. They are the reason we are here!
    Same here!!!! I'm still learning every single day and I was just telling my husband yesterday that this message board is amazing!!! Last year was my first year as a school nurse and I was too shy to post on this board but I read it every single work day till school got out in June. I have learned a lot from how to talk with parents, documenting, emergency scenarios. So do not ever feel bad about posting here. And I think that is wonderful that you are going to head back to school, I wish you the best!!
  2. by   Cattz
    Hang in there. Glad you are here with us. You sound very sincere and it is evident that you are trying to do what is best for the kids. At the end of the day, that is all any of us can do! Deeeeep breaths....all together now........