What is your opinion on what I should do? (CCRI application)

  1. Hi guys. I need some guidance in where to go on my problem. Right now, my grades are Anatomy B+, Physio A, Eng 1010 A, Intro B, Dosage B, and im taking Micro this summer. Im pretty determined to get atleast an A- but im just praying because its a summer course and alot more is crammed in 6 weeks. Anyway, i believe the application period for CCRI is by August 15th. Meaning, i should have Micro done by then because im taking it for Session 1. Ive been studying for the TEAS test and hope to get around 11 points from the test. I shouldnt count my chickens before they hatch, but that would put be around 121 points (Also scored above 90 in reading on Accuplacer so +5). I also registered for Dosage again for Session 2, just incase i dont get in the program with 121 points if i atleast go from a B to a B+, that would be 5 extra points. Math is my weak point so i dont think i'd be able to score an A in that one lol. Only problem is, I work 11-7, and because the summer courses are so compacted, the classes are longer and it doesnt leave me alot of room to sleep, study and work. Im just afraid that would affect my grades in the end. What would you do? Would you drop the Summer class and attempt the program with the 121 points? If i dont get in, i would retake dosage in the Fall and apply in the next opening. Or would you push yourself and retake dosage in the Summer and hope for a better grade than a B? Much appriciated guys thank you!
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  3. by   jazzy85
    I too work 11-7 && it is very hard to work that shift && go to school so I know ur pain......honestly I'd apply ASAP because there's a chance u may get it why retake classes if u don't have to. I don't remember how many points I have but I got in my first time applying for fall 2013. had I not gotten in then I would've retaken classes to boost my grades then reapplied again. just remember all ur grades matter but the 3 that they count the most is anatomy, physiology, && dosage so if anything focus on those classes meaning if u were going to retake anything. oh && the teas but honestly I didn't do so hot on the teas so I was really worried but I guess it didn't play too much of a role because my grades were really good so it all depends. good luck to u because I know how stressful this all can be trust me I've gone thru this process just relieved I was accepted.
  4. by   hellenn
    For someone weak in math (like ME!) taking dosage over the summer is gpa suicide. It's so fast and you have no one to ask clarify something when taking a test. I had to drop it the first week and am about to begin again. It seems like a total crapshoot applying. I hear 4.0's get rejected while lower scores get in. The amount of mystery and nonsense is mind boggling! Good luck! Hope you get in 1st try.