St. Joseph's at Fatima?

  1. Hi All -
    I live on the MA/RI line and I'm looking into pretty much any affordable nursing school in the area. I put in an application for St. Joe's program but really don't know very much about it. I have tried calling a couple of times but never get a real person on the phone. Has anyone gone through their program? I am wondering how competitive it is to get in...? It seems that every school gets 10 times more applications than they have seats around here. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!
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  3. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    Hi Mystic!
    St Joe's is a good diploma program, but is competitive just like every other school around here (and across the country for that matter). SJ's does have a very good reputation, and their program is supposedly very clinical focused. I would try applying to any school you can. It's competitive everywhere and the more apps you have out, the better chance you have to get in somewhere. I believe that with out economy in the toilet, more people will be looking into nursing for it's more stable (compared to other careers) career qualities. If you have questions about other schools please ask.....and also, I believe there is a member named Suzy on the boards who graduated from St Joes. Maybe she'll pop in here!
  4. by   48mystic
    Thanks for the reply! I have an app out to BCC, UMD and now St. Joe's. CCRI has too many pre-reqs just to apply.

    I think you're right about the economy driving people back to continue their educations though...I know that CCRI has seen a huge increase in enrollment.
  5. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    When do you find out if you've been accepted or not??
  6. by   48mystic
    Quote from RhodyGirl-SN
    When do you find out if you've been accepted or not??
    I'm not sure yet...I still have another application to get through...Massasoit. Yikes all this stuff is making me crazy lol
  7. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    Ohhh haha! I know it can definitely be crazy, but it's worth it to open that acceptance letter.

    Make sure you post when you find out!!
  8. by   NSALVADORE
    Hi there!

    I go to St. Joes! I'm a freshman, just finished my first semester!!

    It is an AWESOME program!! I love it so far!! I believe they are taking applications until April/May! I know it's a long time!!

    If there is anything specific you'd like to know please feel free to ask :wink2:
  9. by   48mystic
    Thanks for replying NSalvador!
    Wow that is a long application window. I just checked their site and they're taking them until March. Do you remember when you got your acceptance letter? I did well on the HESI (between 90 and 94) for reading, vocab, math and grammar and I have a BS in business. I'm hoping those things help me out....
    Can you tell me what the schedule is like? I know it's a day program but that's about all the site lists as far as scheduling goes. Thanks again!
  10. by   NSALVADORE
    I think I got the acceptance letter in April, it was very soon after!

    As for the schedule.. It changes a little bit but my first semester the schedule was M lecture 8:30-11:30, T lecture 12:30-3:30, W nursing lab, Th nursing lab/pick up assignment for clinical, F Clinical 8-3 ... Groups alternated Thurs/Fri Clinical ... The labs aren't always on those days, they change sometimes.

    This semester Lecture Mon and Tues 8-11:30, Wed pick up assignment, Clinical Thurs and Fri. We still have labs but on the weeks we have labs we have off of clinicals.

    It sounds confusing but you get your schedule at the start of the semester and it all comes together quickly!!

    I hope that was helpful!! Don't hesitate if you have any more questions!
  11. by   48mystic
    Thanks for the reply! So I don't have to wait THAT long to find out lol...some schools wait until JUNE to let you know either way. The wait is a killer but I'm not getting my hopes up, it's just so competitive to get in.
  12. by   NSALVADORE
    Well Good luck!! Let me know if you get in!!!
  13. by   lillies123
    Hey! I actually have a question to ask about the program at St. Joe's...I am in the process of applying right now and probably will send me application in next week...a week before the application deadline (is that bad)...I was wondering if anyone knew what they are looking for in an applicant because the website does not really give alot of details about the process...another question I had was if you have to finish the HESI test before March 17th...seeing as I am applying a week before the deadline, I doubt they would be able to send me the information about the test and have me take it all before the deadline. Any info would be great ! thanks and good luck on your nursing adventure!
  14. by   NSALVADORE
    I'm not sure that the Hesi test needs to be done by then. They are looking for a well rounded person with good grades, essay and references!! I know that's not a clear cut answer but they aren't looking for a cookie cut person ya know! It's a great school and I hope you get in.. If you have any questions feel free to ask =)