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i just wanted to start a thread for the ric bsn program. if anyone has questions on pre-req classes, admission, what the program is like.....this is the place to ask! the whole nursing school process can be overwhelming, so... Read More

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    jessmurph, I just logged on to this site again and saw your response for the first time. I tried to direst message you but this site won't allow me to yet. BTW thanks for the vote of confidence. A quick question for you...I petitioned to take all 4 of the nursing classes the first semester. If they allow me to take them all at once, do you think its a good idea? or will it be too overwhelming?

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    Hi! Have you heard whether or not you've been accepted?! I took all four courses and I was SO glad I did. It's challenging, but it is by no means impossible. You will put a lot more effort and time into 223 and 224, but honestly 220 and 222 are not difficult at all. It saves an entire semester, and all four courses really go well together. Let me know if you have any more questions!
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    Hi JessMurph,Just got my acceptance letter in the mail today! I'm still not sure if whether or not to take all four nursing classes this semester. They did accept my petition to do so. My one question is what sort of emphasis do they place on the TEAS exam we are required to take next week before classes begin? Does it matter what you get on it? Also, do you have any idea how they decide which class/time you get for your courses? Do you usually get your first choice? Sorry for all the question I'm just very nervous about the start of the program.
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    TEAS to my knowledge is just an indicator on your basic knowledge. They've done nothing with it I don't think. I actually did very poorly on it (not sure how) but have done fine in all my nursing courses so far. If you decide to just take two, you put in your request form (i think it's with the application packet). Not sure if you always get your first pick- but I did. I was assigned the classes for the second two (223 and 224) because they allow students to petition for the four courses and since students have already registered you get what is left over. If you're nervous about class times, you can log onto riconnect and see which of the classes are not yet full to get an idea of where you'll be placed. Congrats on your acceptance!!
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    Hi all. I went to RIC as a transfer student this past Summer (2012) and took Human Anatomy. I got a C+, so I went back to my community college in CT and re-took A&P 1 with a B and am completing A&P 2 now (comparable to Human Phys). I'd like to take Organic...Chem 2 in the Spring (after Micro in the Fall) and apply. Do you think it hurts that I got a C+ in Human Anatomy and retook? Do they average the two together?
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    Hey guys I'm applying for the second degree program and I went to UMass amherst, I was wondering if anyone could give me a vague idea of my chances. My gpa was a 3.06 at umass but my low grades are restricted to one semester that dragged it down. in all the prereqs i got a B or higher (mostly A's and A-'s). I graduated a semester early and have done some volunteer work in ER's. Does anyone know if they focus mostly on science or mostly on prereqs?
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    I was told that the science pre-reqs are looked at more heavily than gen eds. GPA is the #1 thing they look at.
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    I just enrolled into CCRI this semester and am interested in transferring to RIC after the completion of my general studies through the JAA program and enroll into their nursing program. Do I transfer and then apply for the nursing program? I also noticed that you said the pre requisites were two chems, bio 108, anatomy, two psychs, and a minimum gpa of a 2.7. What other classes should I take here at CCRI?

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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    This was very helpful I will be starting RIC in the fall and hope to apply to the program for fall of 2015.
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    Does anyone know if the teas test is required to apply to the program?

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