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i just wanted to start a thread for the ric bsn program. if anyone has questions on pre-req classes, admission, what the program is like.....this is the place to ask! the whole nursing school process can be overwhelming, so... Read More

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    Also, I had George Ladd for Psych 230 and he was AWESOME. Really funny in his lectures, really helps, nice, helpful, informative. You just have to take notes in lecture. What is on the exams are not necessarily from the text. Bases his exams on his lectures. I would take it with Ladd, but I'm sure there are other great professors for that course.

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    Thanks do much! I am really nervous about applying in October based on my chances as a transfer. Not ruling out CCRI and BCC. Any other advice?!
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    hi im new to this thread i coming to ric this fall for nursing but im scared have seen so many people turned down. how hard is the pre-req classes? is it all memorization? and for chemistry is there math in there or is it all memorization
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    hi everyone! I am new to this forum and had a few questions regarding acceptance into the BSN nursing program at RIC. I am a second degree candidate...i know i know that's already a strike against me. However, I have a 3.71 overall GPA and a 4.00 in Anatomy, Physiology, Human Development, CHEM 105 and CHEM 106. I will be applying in October for spring 2013 admission. Does anyone know what my chances are getting in on the first try? Or better yet how many transfer/second degree students RIC accepts for the Spring semester? I tried asking my advisor but she was very vague in her response. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Silvestri, you sound just like me when I applied last October. I was also a second degree with all the prerequisites completed with A's and B's. I got into the program first try. Message me if you have any other questions.
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    2nd degree is not a strike against you at all. You sound like a great candidate. As long as you have all your prerequisites done and your application completed and in by the deadline, you should be all set. Your GPA is stellar so there's no issue there. I was a 2nd degree student as well and got in perfectly fine.
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    I know I may be asking a question that has been asked a million times but I am looking for the most current information. I would love to complete the BSN 2nd degree program at RIC as I live in Newport and it seems like the best option for me. However, I need to be accepted and when I spoke with the school yesterday they stated I needed to apply to RIC before I can even meet with anyone. So here is my info:
    I need all science pre-reqs as I graduated from Penn State (BA Communications minor Business Logistics) over 10 years ago.
    Transfer credits that I would use i.e. English, Psych I have all A's and or B's.
    However, my overall GPA from Penn State is a 2.5.
    I have a great resume with lots of varied work experience, but none in medical except a brief 6 months as a Vaccine Rep at Glaxo Smith Kline.
    So my question is what is realistic for a start time and completion?
    I also am concerned about starting at the school and not actually getting in to nursing?
    Did anyone work while in school?
    If so how many hours?
    Also, what are your typical school hours...class from 8am to 4pm an example of a schedule would be helpful in my planning.
    I have wanted to go back to school for many years and would really love to complete this dream!!!!
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    Does anyone recommend I do my pre-reqs at RIC or should I do them at CCRI which is less money? Does it matter and is there a better chance of being accepted into Nursing sooner if I do them at RIC? The only reason I thought about CCRI for pre-reqs is cost and logistics as I live in Newport and they have a campus here.
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    Hi there, luvnursing13. I don't think it matters where you do your pre-reqs. If CCRI is a more economical choice, I would do it. Just make sure that your courses at CCRI are comparable to RIC's courses. I believe the Admissions Office at RIC has a reference book that you can use to make sure you're taking the right course. I'm sure CCRI will have a resource too.

    As for the schedule, it can be a full course load if you want it to be. As a 2nd degree student you can petition to take all 4 intro nursing classes together. That's a lot to handle if you plan to work too. When I was attending, the schedule was 2 morning classes back to back and at least 1 afternoon class which met 2x a week. Basically, you have class 4 days a week. You can check the online course catalog on RIC's website to get a feel for the schedule.

    I actually took a slower route through the program since I was working nearly full time. I ended up taking 1 or 2 classes per semester. It depends on your personal preference, how strong a student you are, and how quickly you want to get through it. Personally, if I had to do it all over again, I would go to one of those direct entry graduate programs to become an NP lol. Now I have to go back to grad school one day. Oh well. Good luck with the program!
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    Thank you!

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