Newport Hospital Grad internship

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    Hi everyone,
    Does anyone know anything about Newport Hospital's graduate internship?! I have not heard much on this thread about it and I am very interested in it. Thanks!

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    Katy- Do you know anything about the program? Are you from the Newport area?
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    Hi! How long ago did you apply? I just started looking at new grad programs. I went to undergrad in Bristol, RI and I am on my 2nd undergrad for nursing in NY but would like to move back to RI. Are you from RI?
    Can you tell me anything you know about the RIH CC's internship as well?
    Who did you call or email? I cannot find anything on their website! Can you message me their phone number or email if possible?! Thank you so much.
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    I am also wondering about that program. I emailed today to find out if they would need any other information (transcripts, LOR, cover letter) and the recruiter said that they only needed applicants to complete the online application at this time. Wondering if out of staters have a shot at getting a spot...
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    I wonder how many applicants they are interviewing, and how many they are taking....I emailed and they said they are choosing "shortly"....Joella are you located around Newport? Interested in studying for NCLEX at all?
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    I wonder what she means by shortly and if they have already interviewed anyone...Did she tell you this yesterday? Perhaps they are choosing internally..ugh! I have not even moved to RI yet. I am still in VA and taking the NCLEX the second week in Jan...I am holding out on moving bc I am not sure if I am going to be working in CT or RI...Still just waiting to see what if anything at all happens with employment up that way.
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    Yes it was 12/28 that she emailed back. The job now says not taking any more applicants, so they must be looking over applications now. Does your lifespan account say anything about your application being under review? or does it just say application received? She did tell me the program started at the end of January. Bummer, I really need someone to study with. Good luck!
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    Mine say application is under review...Ill let you know if I get an interview
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    So does mine, I will let you know as well
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    Hi guys! I interviewed last Tuesday, and I was offered a position today! Yay! I start the 31st so I will let you know how the program goes!

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