microbology at RIC

  1. 0 I was wondering if anyone has taken microbology at Rhode island college.
    I've heard from a lot of students that some of the biology course are really tuff, it that true?

    I have taken human physiology at Rhode Island college and I thought it was easier that the Human anatomy class that I took at community college of rhode island (ccri). I took human physiology with Dr. Eric Hall, he was a great professor, his lecture exams were not hard (if you study of course) and gave lots of extra credit for the lecture portion. For Lab we only had Quizes, which were short fill in the blanks and mulitply choice questions.

    So, back to my point, for microbology are there quizes... exams or both for the lab? are the lecture exams hard. I know it does depend on who the professor is, so any advice on which professor is decent to take the class with would be good.

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    I had a professor who was Head of Micro for the state of RI... she took micro sooooo seriously.

    I remember that our lab portion of the final was held in groups... five at a time... as we passed those coming out (as we walked in), we naturally asked if it was "tough" -- the pace was sooo rapid that there wasn't possibly any tme to share answers. Yet, she accused us of trying to cheat.

    She made a comment once - something like "you will need to know how to do a slide up when you are working in the hospital" --one of the more outspoken nurses (student) said, "that's why the hospital has a lab!"

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