merit based at CCRI?

  1. I read on the CCRI nursing website that depending on what you score on the TEAS, anatomy, and physiology, as well as ACCUPLACER will determine if you get accepted right away or put on a wait list.
    I was just wondering if any one could tell me what scores they are looking for.

    I have a 4.0 GPA.
    Accuplacer: Arithmetic 110
    Elementary Algebra 114
    College Math 51
    Reading 111
    Sentence Skills 100

    I haven't taken the teas yet.

    Could anyone offer insight to what your scores to these things were if you were accepted?
    Also, are there any additional requirements I'm missing?
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  3. by   MrsPeep
    Hey there!
    I was accepted to CCRI last summer on the merit based application and my scores were very similar to yours (I am just finishing up Nursing I!). I don't have my accuplacer scores in front of me, but they were probably close to yours.

    Sounds like you'll do great on the TEAS, I found it to be very similar to the Accuplacer and I got an average of 86.5 (with 99 in reading 98 in English and 81 in Math, I just tanked the science portion, but they don't count it). I also had a 4.0 on all the pre-reqs.

    As far as I know, there's no longer a waiting list, so your chances look pretty excellent. I think if there's a ton of applications (as in more apps than spots in the program) they will then choose people who had higher grades in Anatomy & Physiology, etc. Best of luck with your application!