LTC pay?

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    Hi all,
    Does anyone know what nursing homes pay new RN'S? Just curious...Thanks
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    Not sure if this helps, but my aunt is a LPN and they started her at $23/hour at a LTC facility 2 years ago.
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    It depends. I started as an RN 7 years ago at 22.00 an hour. I would guess around 24? But most places give shift differental and weekend diff. So it could bring you up a bit. I know there are a few nursing homes that pay better than others.
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    so 21.50 is not that good,,,,below average???
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    No. I think it is pretty good to start. I would be more concerned with the staffing, size of the facility how many residents you would be responsible for ect. I will see what my facility starts new grads at and let you know. I think some nurses with a few years exp. only make 24.00 at my place.
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    48 pts 1 3-11 nurse, 1 3-7 nurse...3 or 4 skilled at a time, they are mixed up on the units.
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    7 or 8 aides
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    That seems really low to me. Is this facility in RI?
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    yes it is
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    I mean lets be honest. If your going into LTC your definately not doing it for the pay (which is fine, your reasons are your own) but LTC overall pretty much pays the lowest for every position. Keep in mind that every facility is different but for the most part LTC pays the lowest. If your looking for the highest pay then your looking at a hospital based position or a traveling nurse position.


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