LTC pay?

  1. Hi all,
    Does anyone know what nursing homes pay new RN'S? Just curious...Thanks
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  3. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    Not sure if this helps, but my aunt is a LPN and they started her at $23/hour at a LTC facility 2 years ago.
  4. by   Schmoo1022
    It depends. I started as an RN 7 years ago at 22.00 an hour. I would guess around 24? But most places give shift differental and weekend diff. So it could bring you up a bit. I know there are a few nursing homes that pay better than others.
  5. by   GretaRN
    so 21.50 is not that good,,,,below average???
  6. by   Schmoo1022
    No. I think it is pretty good to start. I would be more concerned with the staffing, size of the facility how many residents you would be responsible for ect. I will see what my facility starts new grads at and let you know. I think some nurses with a few years exp. only make 24.00 at my place.
  7. by   GretaRN
    48 pts 1 3-11 nurse, 1 3-7 nurse...3 or 4 skilled at a time, they are mixed up on the units.
  8. by   GretaRN
    7 or 8 aides
  9. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    That seems really low to me. Is this facility in RI?
  10. by   GretaRN
    yes it is
  11. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    I mean lets be honest. If your going into LTC your definately not doing it for the pay (which is fine, your reasons are your own) but LTC overall pretty much pays the lowest for every position. Keep in mind that every facility is different but for the most part LTC pays the lowest. If your looking for the highest pay then your looking at a hospital based position or a traveling nurse position.

  12. by   GretaRN
    Hey Chris,
    Guess what??? If you go into nursing it is not about the money so much. You have to go into it for the right reasons...Everyone has their own specialty...Sounds like you don't care for LTC...Good Luck!
  13. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    Quote from brantaf
    Hey Chris,
    Guess what??? If you go into nursing it is not about the money so much. You have to go into it for the right reasons...Everyone has their own specialty...Sounds like you don't care for LTC...Good Luck!
    I'm sensing some hostility in this post. Brantaf if you read my previous post and thought I was being hostile to you please understand that was not my intention. A lot of posts on this site about salary are all related to people trying to figure out what speciality/setting makes the money so that's why I answered about what positions make the most money. I fully understand that everyone has their own specialty and I applaud any nurse who wants to go into LTC, its a very important specialty with its own unique body of knowledge. My post was more or less meant to say that in my opinion LTC nursing staff (RN, LPN & CNA) are usually greatly under payed for all that they do. To address your other issue, I understand going into nursing shouldn't be all about money and benefits (in my list of reasons for becoming a nurse, my wage is not on the top of the list) but I will say that if I go to school and earn my RN I believe that I should be fairly compensated for my time, effort and education and I don't feel bad for saying (no demanding) that I have a decent wage and reasonable benefits. I'm sorry if that sounds selfish but that's how I feel and I don't think that I'm the only one.


    PS: I have nothing against LTC, I think its great if you want to do it because we definitely need more LTC nurses especially for our aging population. Would I personally become a LTC nurse? Not on your life.
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  14. by   crazensweet
    Quote from brantaf
    hey chris,
    guess what??? if you go into nursing it is not about the money so much. you have to go into it for the right reasons...everyone has their own specialty...sounds like you don't care for ltc...good luck!
    brantaf...i'm confused...why respond with such a shady comment? you started the post asking about pay. why do that? it shouldn't matter right? money doesnt matter so much, they could pay you $8.00 hour. "it is not about the money so much".
    anyway realistically everyone has their own reasons for getting into nursing (you wouldnt want to know mine lol). there isnt a better or right and wrong. especially in this day in time when millions of people are out of work (worldwide as well), country facing an economic collapse, millions loosing there homes, rise in homelessness, 1 person working, children to feed, etc. etc. etc.

    you will find that the department of labor and training list healthcare and education as where the jobs are at until 2016. with that said i will reiterate what i said earlier...everyone has there own reasons for going into nursing and whatever that may be, the quality of care that the future nurse exhibit shouldn't be measured by that.

    i find that most of the people who post on ri site like chris are the type of nurses that i would want to care for me if i was in that position...hands down period.
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