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for CCRI Fall 09. I applied for Lincoln N/W and got the call for Newport N/W. The distance is not the best; however, she stated that I would have to wait another year for Lincoln. Gonna head over to... Read More

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    I am also starting in Newport in the fall!!
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    Not sure if it helps anyone, but I talked to our admissions person in Lincoln today and she said all the "calls" have gone out for Lincoln's fall evening program.
    She also said that the Providence campus has not made "calls" yet for their fall day program.

    Thought I'd pass along the info. for any of you who might have applied at those campuses.

    I'm applying for the fall day program in Providence during the May-June application period.
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    Quote from ffmedic2rn

    if your orientation is scheduled during your cruise, have the family send you a post card. Expect no compassion from the nursing instructors. They will tell you to "go talk to the dean and see if we can work something out." then the dean will rip your heart out and stomp on it and tell you that if you want to be in the rn program, then you will be at orientation. That is why they have alternates.

    Very few of the nursing instructors have any sympathy for nursing students. It is their way or your out. At least that's how it was when i was there. Good luck,

    stay safe,
    ccri alumni 2005

    welcome to boot camp baby. Two years of hell. It is all worth it
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