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  1. Hello, after this fall I will be all done with my Nursing pre-reqs and will be applying to the program either for this January for the daytime or for fall 2011 for the evening. I am still deciding on which one to apply to depending if my work schedule is going to change in the near future. Is there any difference between the daytime and night time nursing classes and clinicals?

    thank you!
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  3. by   Rhody34
    I'm in night and weekend. I'm not sure how the days work out, but my Nursing 1 schedule is as follows:

    Tuesday, Thursday lectures 6pm-9pm
    Clinicals every other weekend 7am-3pm, and Mondays 3pm-11pm (usually it falls on a weekend where we go 3 days in a row... meaning weekend off, the following weekend we got Sat, Sun, Mon.

    If its a clinical weekend off- we usually have a lab on Mondays from 3pm-8pm or 5pm-10pm.

    The first 3 weeks we also have lab Wednesday nights 5pm-10 or 3-8. Also- all lecture exams are on Wednesday nights depending when... could be 5ish, 6ish, or 7ish.

    Hope this helps- its a bit all over the place LOL
  4. by   rissyroo
    THANK YOU! seems crazyy but worth it in the end lol! good luck!
  5. by   omm2010
    its so nice to hear detailed schedule info from a current student. although I am hoping to get into days, I appreciate the insight into the detailed schedule! thanks Rhody34

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