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  1. I hope someone may help me with my situation.

    I took the written and skills exam at CCRI last month in February. I passed the written no problem, but the skills I failed. I passed all my skills except for radial pulse. My partner was a young boy maybe 18, he was very nervous. He had a very rapid weak pulse. I could not palpate it on his left arm, so the evaluator asked if I would like to try the other arm. I agreed, but still the pulse was very weak. After I counted his pulse and recorded it the evaluator said, "Hang on a minute" and went back and counted his pulse again on the right arm. At that point I knew I was going to fail. I don't know why she needed to count again and why we didn't count together. I thought that was what we were supposed to do. I was upset because pulse can change very quickly, and we are only allowed 4 beats off from the evaluators count. I was affraid to say anything afterwards. I don't think its fair I have to retake the skills test and pay $69 for it. Everyone thinks I should appeal it, including my nursing 1 instructor. My instructor even said she would write a letter to that department saying she believes I'm fully competent in that skill. I only was affraid to say anything because I didn't want to make any enemys at CCRI, but I learned the CNA department is completely seperate from the nursing department. What should I do?

    Also, someone else in my group had the same problem that day with feeling the pulse along with the evaluator. The evaluator said," I cant even feel the pulse, common well go try someone else." Then she let her count the pulse on a secretary sitting at her desk!! I don't think that is fair
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  3. by   CNABESS
    You are allowed to use 4 tries before recording the pulse. If you feel the person has a pulse that is too weak to record, you are allowed to ask for another person to palpate. The evaluator probably felt that the pulse was so weak, she needed to palpate again too. However; it is always up to the student to express the need to try on a different subject. The evaluator is doing her job correctly. Now, if the nursing instructor feels that your evaluator showed favoritism to another student, she should certainly stand up for you, if she wants to. Just remember, it is always up to the student to express the need to try a different subject's radial pulse. When you test again, you will get the radial pulse as a skill. Take your time and speak up if there is a problem. When I took the skills test, the poor girl taking my pulse was so nervous she could not tell the difference between her own shaking or my pulse. And I have a very strong pulse. She retested 2 weeks later and passed with flying colors. I am sure this will be your experience also.