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Hi everyone! I have a question about the application process at CCRI. I've tried asking a few advisors, but I get different answers. Hoping maybe someone here can help? Right now, I'm... Read More

  1. by   mgalano
    for those who applied in October 2010 for Spring 2011 at Lincoln -
    I received my phone call and email for acceptance! my gpa was 3.2 & i just completed my background check so it's official. now I am waiting to hear back from them to see what my next step is. I am gong to start working on my Titers and immunizations. I dont have health insurance so unfortunately i need to pay out of pocket :/

    but goodluck to everyone!
  2. by   Amarilis
    Congratualtions!! Happy for ya! I'll be applying this February.By the way for those who need to apply, I spoke to someone from the Nursing Department and they said that October and June are the most competitive application periods.
  3. by   frogs4131
    mgalano- if you call the nurse at ccri or email her she can give you labs and clinics that you can go to that will give you a discount on your titers and immunizations. I got my Hep a and b vaccinations free that way. The Hep b series would have cost me $300- with insurance. Hope this helps.
  4. by   mgalano
    I just found out that I will be getting health insurance as of January 1st (instead of feb) is that cutting it too close to the start date (january 24th) i know i will need to get the tb tests done because they need to be 2 weeks apart
  5. by   kncktc
    Just curious to the poster who got in Lincoln 2011 with a 3.2 overall gpa, What were your 3 grades for anatomy, physiology, dosage? If the school is saying that October is the most competitive, and you got in with an overall 3.2 but other applicants I know applied this enrollment with an over all 3.8-4.0 and an A in the 3 above classes used for priority tie breakers for admissions, got rejections.. Really makes me wonder what CCRI is really doing in the "competitive admissions" selection.
    Not saying you don't deserve to be in the program or your not a good student, but CCRI nursing staff wrote the rules and set the standards, yet they are not following their own rules based on the fact that your gpa is lower than others you got in and they did not. They were already busted some time ago for taking bribes to bump students on the long waiting list to the front of the line over others. Now that they claim to be "performance based" we look at numbers/scores only and take the highest first is obviously not true. Sad really all the hoops you got to jump through just TO BE ACCEPTED never mind complete the program, and now new grads will be unemployed for quite some time after school.
  6. by   mgalano
    in anatomy i got a B+, physiology i got a B and dosage i got a A, in micro I got a B+

    and why are the new grads unemployed? Fortunately for me I know the VP of a boston area hospital and won't need to wait for employment.
  7. by   mgalano
    and also, they applied in the October open enrollment and already received their rejection? did they receive it via email? my friend is still waiting to hear from them. they called me and emailed me telling me I was accepted.
  8. by   frogs4131
    mgalano- That should be more than enough time. The first 3 weeks of school are spent in the lab and not the nursing home. Also, like you I got in with a 3.3 gpa, B's in my sciences and an A in dosage and got in on my first try so congrats! I know since they changed the requirements to get in that they have been having trouble FILLING all the seats. So perhaps people who didn't get in are being less than honest about their grades and gpa's. I personally do not think it's a conspiracy and that people are buying their seats, how ridiculous and insulting.
    Hope you enjoy it, you earned it!!!!
  9. by   Amarilis
    I'm happy to say that I've been accepted into CCRI's Day Nursing Program for Fall 2011!!!
  10. by   auntyk
    You absolultely need to finish ALL your prequisites BEFORE you are allowed to apply for the program or even take the Teas.
  11. by   spankybax320
    Has anyone out there put a application in August 2011 for Jan 2012. If so did you take teas 4 or 5 ? I saw that CCRI will let Us know in November. The new point system goes into affect Fall 2012 . Not Jan 2012.. The new point system is straight forwards 50 points for your GPA . 30 pts for Anatomy,30 pts for physiology, 30 pts for Dosage Calculations , 5 pt for the Accuplacer reading (this makes no sense) -- 5 pts each for the TEAS Math, Reading, English. total of 15 pts for TEAS.This appears to bring Transparency to the selection process. After completing the pre-reqs It does feel like there should be more information for Us students about the Nursing program. The advisers are only 16 in numbers to take care of 19,000.00 students. They are doing the best they can do.It also seems like the Nursing program attempts to make the program easy to understand but really needs to make cross-bridges with the students.
  12. by   mgalano
    I hadn't heard that they were switching to a new point system, it seems like they just switched to their current system. It will be more clear cut as to who should get in first and such. I don't think I like that micro isn't counted anymore, do you know if it still needs to be completed before you graduate? thats what is used to be, then they switched it to a pre req.
  13. by   spankybax320
    You still need Micro before you can apply but it is worth no points . The new point system is posted on CCRI website and I posted it on my facebook page.. How is the program going are you in Nursing II ?

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