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    Let me tell you out of a class of 30 that just graduated 27 of us have passed the nclex the first time and three of the class still need to take it.
    I feel strongly that ST Joes gives you the best foundation for nursing any where else. you graduate knowing a lot. more than any other school in the new england area that i know of. and you will get opportunities there that you will never get at any other school such as hands on icu experience instead of an observation day, for the intire semester. it is an increadable experience. i miss it already. Im going to miss not starting school again this AUGUST and the three years will fly by.
    TAKE CARE ALL THAT ARE GOING BACK. Be kind to the instructors and they will treat you with the utmost respect. THEY ARE THE best.
    Patricia Archibald RN
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    Thanks for the message NSalvadore, but I am not able to email back through this site (only receive them).....If you send me your email or vice versa, I will be able to write back.....


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    Ohhh weird.. ok..!!!!

    I'm trying to accept your friend request but the when I click accept it's not doing anything... so weird.. Anyways I will work on that LOL!!
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    I love positive post like this one!!!!
    Just keeping it going!!!!!!!!
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    So how are you new students doing so far?