Online Refresher course?

  1. Hi everyone! Can someone suggest where I can apply for a RN/BSN refresher course online? I feel the need for it. I graduated 2007, but didn't work in a hospital at all. I still can remember much of what I learned, but I don't seem to have the confidence to be in the work force. Should I apply for a refresher course or just review my textbooks? Thanks in advance for your responses. It'll be very much appreciated.
    P.S.--please include book suggestions that might help me refresh my memory.
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  3. by   elprup
    I have yet to find an online refresher course. If you find one let me know....I still read my books and take CE's online.
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    sigma theta tau has an online course that is all coursework for $350. They do not require a preceptorship but state they will help (don't know exactly what that means?).

    I've found other refresher programs online but they are like thousands of dollars. I am actually a member of Sigma Theta Tau so once I get through to local hosp regarding a possible preceptorship, i bet I'll be doing this one.

    good luck.
  6. by   nasmis
    thank you
  7. by   jcrowder
    FYI- this website has a list of refresher courrses by state.

    Some of the state-based programs offer online learning components only e.g. Greenville Tech, Mount Carmel, Univ South Florida. I'm torn between an online course that just refreshes knowledge (cheaper) vs a course that has a clinical/skills component. Greenville is actually incredibly reasonable @ around $900 for class and skills/clinical but I don't live anywhere close to them. Programs in my area are in the 1200-2400 range. A LOT of money with little/no guarantee of employment afterwards.
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    I am a member of Sigma Theta Tau but, can tell you it is almost impossible to find hospital clinicals on your own. That is the reason for the price difference. The other programs have to meet the hospital's JCAHO and other legal requirements like to provide specific insurance, do intensive background checks, drug testing policies, etc as well as give back to the clinical sites in the form of CEs, workshops, etc to be allowed to bring students in. That is what you are paying for. No one can guarantee employment but, many of our students get hired by the clinical sites. I am not pushing our program but, that you do talk to HR at the facilities and see what they recommend before you decide.