Information on transferring a license, nearly impossible to find

  1. I have held an Ohio RN license for many years. My move to Arizona is prompting me to have my license transferred, but the site for the Arizona state nursing board does not have any information that I can find. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find the information?
    Thanks in advance for you assistance.
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  3. by   gummibear
    call them. im sure there is a contact number there. i always call whenever i cant find something b/c its a waste of my time and frustrates me when ii try to find stuff and i cant.
  4. by   Jolie
    The homepage of the Arizona Board of Nursing includes a link to download an application for licensure.

    Perhaps you are confused by the terminology. There is no such thing as "transferring" a license. You will apply for a license by endorsement.
  5. by   jratclif
    Thank you Jolie. I didn't think about endorsement - found it!
    Sometimes it just takes a different set of brain cells.
  6. by   jahra
    Best of luck with your move to Arizona (and with your endorsement)!
  7. by   Rntr
    You need to apply for reciprosity .. you don't give you one license for another. You can actually be licensed in everystate if you wanted. Just tell the board you need the paperwork for licensure in their state..they will either send it to you or have you download it and go from there... each BON has their own requirements, some want fingerprints, some want transscripts ..each is different.