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Hai i've been a silent observer in this site .it has been a great help for i passed my nclex on my first attempt.Its almost a year now since i got my RN (California) . I completed my degree in 1999 and worked as a nurse in... Read More

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    jankmom- if you re still around all this time (after the original post below)....which refresher class did you end up taking? how was it? was it worth the money? did you end finding a job after taking the class? was the class instrumental in securing employment or helping YOU with confidence and rusty skills?

    I'm considering taking a refresher course but it is PRICEY and I'm not sure employment would be guaranteed anyway....

    Quote from jandkmom
    I start my refresher class in two weeks. It's part online, part practicing skills, and doing IVs, and two weeks of following a preceptor in a hospital.

    As far as if you need a class.... I was told here in VA that if a nurse hadn't worked for more than 4 years, they were required to take a refresher class. I have done a lot of reading up on going back to work and it all said to make yourself as prepared and marketable as possible. I personally would be kinda scared to just walk right back on to a inpatient unit today. Meds change, policies change, equipment changes... I used to work in California actually and worked in psych as a new grad. I wanted to get a job in med surg so I took a refresher class, even though I was working as a nurse at the time, and was hired on a med surg unit. My boss told me that if I hadn't taken the refresher class, she wouldn't have hired me.

    I wouldn't say that I actually have a specialty. My last job was on a orthopedics/general surgery unit. I'll be happy to get a job on any kind of med surg unit and then take it from there.

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