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  1. I am 29 yrs old, from Philippines. I had my Phil Nurse license year 2008. I've been a volunteer and worked in a Clinic 2008-2009. Nov 2009,I went to UAE. I worked as a School Nurse for a British Nursery (2010-2012). Started working again in Clinic (Philippines), Nov 2013 upto present. Working in a Clinic is not as great as working in Hospital. Now I am questioning my skills, and I am not confident enough but super willing to get back on real Nursing World. I got married last month. He's from Alabama, and soon I'll be there with him. I want to work in same field when I get there too. But I have zero knowledge about what to prepare. Been trying to read a lot online but I'm unsure about the LPN and RN differences and requirements.

    With all humility, I'm asking for your advise. Thank you.
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  3. by   HouTx
    The process of obtaining a US license will be long and complex. The best place to start is your state's Board of Nursing because the requirements are not the same in all states.
  4. by   chichai
    I appreciate your response HouTx. Thank you.
    Though it's all new to me, I've been reading all information since yesterday.

    God bless. =)
  5. by   sallyrnrrt
    if you are going to be living with your husband in Alabama, or any state where you will reside, contact that states board of nursing, indicating to the board of nursing that you hold valid philipine lis, and want to practice as RN in "xyz" state, i am sure they will probably want transcripts from your nursing school of luck to you. when i worked coronary care in a washington dc hospital, I was the ONLY non philipano nurse, they had awesome skills.......ohhhhhand the pansit
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  6. by   dont.give.up
    Hi I wonder if you already filed an application in Alabama since this post was March? Anyway it's gonna be awhile to process everything, been there done that lol, hope it all went good for you