Five years since passing Nclex; Never issued a RN License

  1. Hello everyone.

    I graduted nursing school in 2004, passed my nclex examination in june 2005. I was denied my RN license due to my immigration status. The nursing board informed me as soon as I received my work permit I will be issued a license. By the grace of God I will have my work permit in a couple of months, 5 years later! which will finally grant me my nursing license. I have never worked as a RN, but plan on doing so as soon as i'm allowed.

    My question is, since I've been out of the loop for so long will it be required for me to take a refresher course? I feel that it would help a great deal, but if it's not mandatory I don't want to waste my money. Where in NYC can I locate a RN refresher course? Also, since it has been nearly five years since passing the Nclex, will they really give me my license with no difficulties? As in, would I ever have to re-do the nclex?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,
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  3. by   nursel56
    You will probably have to take the NCLEX again, because your license will have been expired for a long time. If you've never worked as a nurse, a Refresher Course would never under any circumstances be a waste of money.

    Contact the Board of Nursing for New York State or whatever state you are planning to practice in for the details and info they may have about Refresher Courses. Best wishes!
  4. by   grateful2010
    Thank you for your reply, Nursel56!

    As soon as I read your response about possibly having to take the NCLEX examination again, I immediately called BON. I really don't want to take the exam again...and by the grace of God she told me I don't have to...YAYYYY The lady I spoke to said a refresher course isn't mandated; which I was pleased to hear about, but I might take it anyway. I want to feel a bit confident when I enter the field.