Do you think I need a RN refresher course? Do you think I need a RN refresher course? | allnurses

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Do you think I need a RN refresher course?

  1. 1 I graduated from nursing school in Jan 07 and passed the NCLEX in March 07. I have not worked in the field due to my family committments. The great news is that I have an opportunity to start working again this summer and I am thrilled! Do you think I need a RN refresher course after 1+ year absent after graduation? If I find myself a hospital job that offers a thorough orientation program, I am sure I can pick it up again. Is LTC care facility a place to start as a new grad?

    Thanks for your help with these questions.
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    I wouldn't start in LTC simply because it's overwhelming.
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    I don't think you need a refresher course. I agree with Suesquatch, find a position in an acute care hospital; some facilities offer internships for new grads. Good luck!
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    I have been a nurse in cali ,but been out the swing for 10 years but I know that is what i truely where do I go to see where my degree is and what does it take?
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    Hey I also agree LTC is not the best place to jump into. I would go with a good old med-surg unit where you can get some expereince there before getting into ICU, ER, or an LTC facility, especially one with vents, ect. Just an idea, I may not be right. Just what I would do.

    Anne, RNC