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  1. Hi all
    I am employed currently as a school nurse and love it, still looking around for and putting in for extra jobs as mine is only 18 hours a fortnight and I need to learn more. In my job we use a lot of castellini's paint for ingrown toenails which is a maroon colour, and works like an indelible pencil. Has anyone heard of it or had it spill on anything and been able to get it out?. It stains a great deal more than betadine. We don't wear uniforms just smart casual and I spilt it on my new lemon shirt so it now gets used as a duster.

    At the risk of sounding like a pretentious snobby type, I believe how we look says a great deal aboput how we regard the importance of our job and reflects on the institution. I don't want to be served or cared for by someone who obviously doesn't give a damn.
    I was reading about scrubs and makeup in a few older posts about professional looking nurses and how they found white scrubs got easily grubby plus their views on make-up. I am all for make-up, not overdone though, clean teeth, clean nails and tidy hair. ...That sounds about a fifty five plus view now doesn't it? . But I like professionals who look smart and professional and it's amazing how many make an effort to look nice and yet they smile and their teeth are just shockers. One of the best things I have done since giving up smoking 6 months ago was to spend the $1200 I'd saved to get my lips, eyeliner and brows tattooed. (If I chew lipstick off I look awful, haggard and washed out, so I was wearing lipfinity for years which is a great product). I literally now, only have to do my hair, add some mascara and off I go. It has saved so much time and increased my confidence. Funny thing was I didn't realise how much time I spent before with make-up. I add foundation when going somewhere special though and while it's expensive the first time for permanent makeup it is well worth the hassle. It hurts a bit but I'd do it again.
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  3. by   bernarma
    Loved your message. I am near the same age bracket and agree!!
    Looking forward to visiting your country one day soon....I have a wellness business that will allow me to retire sooner than anticipated and it will also allow me the luxury of doing some travel....that I only dreamed of before. Can't wait!!
    AND... a chance I will be a tax write off as well...if I do some business there...which I no doubt will...since my wellness biz can be done any where and is fun..not work.
    Do you know anyone who could use extra cash helping people...in their own time?

    To your health,
    Mary Ann Bernard

    Health and Wellness Coach
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    Hi Bernama

    Good day again to all at Allnurses. Remember I asked about the castellani's paint. Spray hairspray on it and rub. Supposed to be okay for ink as well. Takes out quite a bit. For makeup of other stains on shirts try the baby wipes. (Courtesy of my sister 2 IC at Susan Grey's in a Melbourne Suburb. They have a lot of clothes that get tried on, dumped on the floor etc).
    Australia is a great country. Yes I am biased. I imagine if you put ads in you would get a few takers especially people wanting to boost their income a bit. Hope you enjoy your stay. I live in Qld.)
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    Sincerely hope that you are healthy and happy. Thank you for sharing.