Salary for research nursing?

  1. I have an interview coming up for a clinical research coordinator position... not a specialty I thought I'd go into, but I'm a new grad so I need to take any opportunity that comes my way. Actually I'm reading up on it and it sounds interesting, but it seems that the salary range is lower than what a staff nurse makes. Is that right or wrong? Also, I plan on eventually getting my masters and FNP--how would that expand the role of the clinical research nurse?
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  3. by   chicaroo
    Salary depends on what type of facility you work in--private research facilities are not going to pay as well as a hospital- or university-affiliated research center. At least that's been my experience, having worked in all three settings.
  4. by   DaddyO
    can someone give a salary range if known.
  5. by   klone
    can someone give a salary range if known.
    Depends entirely upon where you live, just like with hospital nursing. A CRC in NY or California is going to make an entirely different wage than a CRC in Iowa. My job is equivalent to a CRC, but because I'm employed by a large Children's hospital, I am on the same pay scale as the staff nurses at the hospital.