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RN looking to get into research

  1. 0 I am a nurse with 5 years of experience, 4 years in ortho and one in dialysis. I am interested in research and I am currently enrolled in a MSN program for clinical trails research at Drexel. I would like to know if there is any way to break in to clinical trails, before I complete my degree. Would I be able to transition to a position as a research coordinator? All of the job descriptions for research coordinators in the phildelphia area require some reseach experience. I am not sure how I can get expereince if no one will hire me. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    maybe try colleges or universities that are big in research. I work at a big research instituition and got the job by pure luck with no research background. good luck, keep looking and don't give up!
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    I too am actually considering getting into research. I've been in a nurse for only 3 years but while I was in school I really excelled in the research aspect of things. I was heavily recruited by my school to move on and get my PhD and go into research but after 1 class I couldn't stomach the thought of going to school for another 5+ years of school, not at my age.

    I recently read in the latest ENA Connection magazine that some places will actually take you on as a research nurse without a Masters or PhD. I guess I'd really love to do is shadow someone first. I know it is a sort of tedious position but I think it would be something I'd really enjoy.

    Anyone heard of becoming a research nurse w/o a masters/PhD?
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    I'm a research nurse. I was hired with just an ADN (I now have my BSN). There's a difference between a research nurse and a nurse researcher. I am not a PI, although I assist them. My role is like that of a CRC.
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    Can you please describe more in depth of your role as a research nurse? What is PI vs a CRC.Thanks, I want to look more into nursing research.