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    Hi , I am considering applying for a position as a Research Nurse Coordinator at a local large teaching hospital. I have some experience in the research field as a Nurse Interviewer in a large research study in a university setting. I enjoyed my last experience, though am wondering if I would be going in over my head applying for a coordinator's position or is the role such that I can learn as I go...any advice from any Research Nurse coodinators out there? thank you..

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    I assume that a research nurse coordinator is similar to a CRC. It's what I do, and I love my job. What area is the job in?
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    Hi, thanks for your reply. The position would be at a large teaching hospital-I think it it would involve several speciality areas. What is your role? Do you work on one study at a time or do you coordinate multiple studies at once? Did you receive any training for the position or did you learn as you went?

    Thank you.
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    I have had to learn as i go, and I love it!
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    Could you tell me what your responsibilities are in this position? I really don't know much about the technical filing paper work with IRB, setting up a data program..does the Principal Investigator do all that or are you expected to get that started? thanks!
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    I work on multiple studies, with several different PIs. All of the studies involve pregnant women and/or newborns. My department (comprised of four nurses and one tech), manages approximately 16-20 studies at present. I learned on the job, I didn't have any previous research experience.
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    thanks so much for your reply-do you have much contact with cases/controls as far as drawing blood, giving medications etc or is it mostly collecting data through interviewing etc and then recording the data?

    thanks again, your information is very helpful and encouraging!
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    We do a lot of sample collection - drawing blood, collecting saliva, tracheal aspirate, etc.

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