Clinical research nurse at NIH?

  1. I currently work for 2 years on medical oncology floor and am looking for non bedside care nursing positions. I have an associate degree only and want to pursue accelerated RN to BSN program. I think that is the first thing I should do to have more opportunities in the future.I recently saw many positions for clinical research nurses in NIH in Bethesda, MD. Does any of you work there or is familiar with this type of position? Do I need BSN degree for such position, and what kind of skills this position involves. I appreciate your responses.
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  3. by   JazzyRN
    I work as a CRN at NIH, and we take care of the inpatients, if you are looking for a postion without bedside pt care, you would need to apply for a position as a research nurse for one of the individual institutes. I enjoy my work there, you use the same skills you use in a regular hospital. However in my experience at NIH, I have not used many of the technical skills that I used at other hospitals, our patients tend to be less sick and more stable. But it can be stressful monitoring pts receiving phase I drugs, chemotherapy and biotherapies. We do a lot of transfusions, drawing labs, serial testing, pt education. Less of placing PIVs, foleys, NGTs, etc. Email me if you have any more questions
  4. by   VivaRN
    I am exploring positions at NIH as well. Has anyone else who has worked there (outpatient?) tell me more about what it's like, what's the work environment, how are nurses viewed, benefits, professional development, overall - is this a good place to work?