BSN Research Proposal Ideas

  1. Hello, I'm looking for a few simple--albeit good--ideas for a baccalaureate level research proposal.

    It has to be clinically significant (e.g. not whether or not nursing students are more stressed than other students). It also has to be quantitative in nature.

    I am interested in the critical care setting, but I would have no problems with med surg or even perioperative proposal suggestions. Medical rehab (hips, knees, etc.) would be okay but more as a last resort. I'd like to stay way from ideas regarding skilled nursing, OB nursing, and pediatrics.

    My original idea was a study comparing the effectiveness of foot pumps and knee-high SCDs in preventing DVTs, but there were too many variables to control for (different patients on different anticoagulants--too much for BSN level). What I'm thinking now is more along the lines of a study that compares the healing rate of patients in private rooms, or a study that compares healing on a unit with strict visiting hours versus a unit with more flexible visiting hours. Or does a Foley anchoring device contribute to UTI.

    I would really appreciate some ideas--I have been trying to brainstorm but with little to no success. Please help!
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  3. by   nicefrancine
    We'll i got a tip in starting a proposal which is really to first identify a problem (

    Then from the problem, you describe the current situation. Compare the current situation with the ideal condition. Then try to identify some reasons for the discrepancy from the current to the ideal condition.

    By the way, have you made progress in this query?