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by Researchnurse

:cool: Hi all! This is my first post...just registered today! I found this BB to be very good for nurses to communicate! I was wondering tho, are there any clinical research nurses out there? None of the posts under... Read More

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    I have recently come into a new position at my hospital as a oncology clinical trial nurse coordinator. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between a clinical trial coordinator and a clinical research coordinator?

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    Same thing.
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    Usually clinical trials involve using a drug or device and are funded by the pharmaceutical industry verses clinical research which usually relates to investigator initiated studies that evaluate certain treatment or therapies or risk factors etc........
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    Same thing. Titles differ even within organizations. My job title is RN Spec, working title is Clinical Research Coordinator. I have friends in different departments that do the same thing who are Research Nurses, Clinical Trials Nurses or Clinical Trials Coordinators.