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thirty patients

  1. 0 Would you take on this many patients in acute rehabilitation? Have you taken on this many? Should I be bringing this to someones attention (higher authority)? Just curious
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    I've been working at a freestanding acute rehabilitation hospital for three years and have never had anything close to 30 patients. On night shift I average between 7 to 9 patients when fully staffed, and between 10 to 12 patients when we are short on staff. The most I've ever had is 13 patients.

    Now, nursing home rehabilitation is another story. 15 to 30 patients in nursing home rehab is the norm in the area where I live.
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    We have about 14 -16 patients each on 2nd shift. Third shift has 32 patients because one nurse does the 3rd shift. I have had 30 residents from 7-11 on LTC and at 11P to 7AM 60. I quit. Not risking my license for that.
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    I also work at a free standing inpatient rehabilitation facility and we were working 1:9 nurse/patient ratios, but now we have decreased that to 1:6 because we are getting patients that are sicker when they are admitted. 1:30 is just a ridiculous ratio. I would be screaming at the top of my lungs about that!
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    Far too many chances for something to go wrong with that many patients. The last rehab facility I worked for, the night nurses carried about half that many patients, and 8-10 on day shift.
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    At full capacity I have 32 on third shift while the other shifts have 16. Patients are constantly coming and going so at time it's a little hectic depending on the acuity or if census is high, but sometimes its not too bad.