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Just wondering how many pt's per nurse is your facility giving you and where do you live??? They are trying here to give us 11!!!! 11 on dayshift!!! And of course we all know these rehabers are not walkie-talkies by any... Read More

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    I'm at Healthsouth rehab hospital in Florida. Dayshift and evening nurses have 7-8 patients, 12 on nights, every patient has a nurse tech assigned as well. I feel VERY lucky after reading some of the other replies.
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    I am the ADON at a facility in Northern Virginia and our skilled unit has 37 beds....and our day shift consists of 2 staff nurses, one unit manager, one unit secretary, and 5 CNAs. Two days (7-3) per week we have a charge nurse (when our unit manager is tied up with meetings), and we have a 4 hour treatment nurse (PRN) when there is a high number of pressure ulcers / surgical sites.

    On 3-11 shift we have two staff nurses, one charge nurse, and 5 CNAs.

    On 11-7 shift we have one nurse and 3 CNAs....except when the census is above 32 and then we have 2 nurses.

    Hope this helps.

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    We have construction now and our census is low. Last night 30 pts, and 4 cna's. 1 nurse for passing meds and tx. And 1 nurse for doing paperwork all night. I pass meds and do tx and then nurse notes. I was almost 2 hours over my shift and I'm really getting sick of it. The nurse who does paperwork used to share floor responsibilities, but now she is supposed to paperwork that used to be completed by rn on the day shift. When our census returns to 40, there is going to be real problems. By the way, I became so tired last night at almost 1am in the morning I left some charting undone and I don't care. If the perfect charting that I always try to do is supposed to get us more money and staff, where is it?
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    Our rehab unit has a max capasity of 22 patients when it is full there is 5 rn/lpn and 3 tech. I'm in Illinois the rehab unit.
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    here in NZ, we have 5-6 each day shift, 22 total patient in the ward and just one nurse assist. if a patient is a falls risk, demented and confused the n/assistant will be used as a 1:1. Nurses shower their own patients, hoist them for PT and OT, admissions, discharges etc, etc. Enrolled nurses allowed to give only oral meds and thats it.
    Patient acuity for each nurse is more than 20 each shift.

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